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Insurance Replacement Cost and Fire Loss Valuations

Our Insurance Replacement Cost (IRC) appraisers have extensive knowledge in replacement cost appraising all manner of residential, commercial, industrial, and agricultural properties throughout the Edmonton and north-central Alberta region. Replacement cost differs from reproduction cost, which is the cost to reproduce a near-exact replica. Producing a replica of older developments may result in the use of obsolete materials, the incorporation of out-of-date building standards, or the exclusion of features legally required by current building codes. The use of replacement cost values provides a reasonable estimate of the insurance protection required for a potential loss.

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    While unfortunate, partial or full fire loss does occur. Our appraisers have extensive experience in providing current and retrospective valuations on behalf of insurers.

    Knight & Company Appraisals provide IRC appraisals for new and existing buildings for insurance purposes in addition to replacement cost valuation and market valuation for partial or total fire loss.

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